Preeti Dishwash Liquid


Please Note: For this product, we take a can deposit value as follows
1 liter – Rs. 10/-
5 liter – Rs. 40/-
However, in your next purchase, you can return the empty can in good condition to claim the deposit value back. This means if you wish to return an empty can in perfect condition, you will get Rs. 10/- or Rs. 40/- for 1 liter and 5 liters empty can, respectively.

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   Product description

  • Is washing utensil a tedious task for you? Are you tired of dirty utensils? We have a perfect solution for it.
  • Preeti Dishwash Liquid is a concentrated and thick dish wash liquid detergent that is tough on dirt, grease, and grime.
  • Its super active formula removes dirt, cleans the utensils deeply, and leaves them shiny and sparkling.
  • It masks the foul food smell and gives a refreshing lemon fragrance after wash.
  • It does not leave any scratches and harmful residue on utensils after cleaning your utensils.
  • Its PH-neutral formula makes dish wash liquid safe for your hands.
  • Ideal for all types of utensils.



   How to use 

  • Take one spoon of Preeti Dishwash Liquid and add four spoons of water to it. (1 part liquid, 4 part water)
  • Dip your scrubber in the diluted solution.
  • Wash your utensils with a scrubber.
  • Rinse them off with water to get clean sparkling utensils.


Weight 1.050 kg
Dimensions 11.5 × 6.5 × 20.5 cm

1L, 5L


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