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Preeti Softy – Fabric Conditioner

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  • The garment needs care and pampering after a detergent wash. For this care and pampering, Preeti Softy becomes the perfect choice.
  • It is a fabric conditioner that keeps clothes soft and fluffy, improves the garment life, and leaves the garment with a fresh and pleasant fragrance.
  • It protects the garment from getting dull due to repeated wash. Instead, it will nourish the garment and enhance the shine of the garment.
  • After using Preeti Softy you will get fresh and soft clothes like never before!



How to use 

  • Top load/Front-load washing machines(Automatic): Pour two caps of Preeti Softy in softener or additives slot.
  • In case there is no slot given pour two caps of fabric conditioner directly into the washtub before the last rinse.
  • Do not wash after rinse.


  • For semi-automatic machine: Pour two caps of Preeti Softy before the last rinse.
  • Do not wash after rinse.


  • For bucket wash: Take one cap of Preeti Softy in half bucket of water (Approx. 5 liters and up to 8 garments).
  • Soak the garments for 10 minutes.
  • Do not wash after this process.


Weight0.550 kg
Dimensions8.5 × 3.5 × 21.5 cm



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