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Preeti Ultra Washing Powder

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  • Preeti Ultra washing powder is a high-quality washing powder that comes with dirt fighting formula and boosters that gives the toughest of the stains a tough time.
  • The best of the best Preeti Ultra washing powder contains the perfect mixture of enzymes giving stains and oily spot no chance to remain on your garment.
  • Your clothes will look new and fresh wash after wash. What’s more? It is gentle on the garments and does not harm the color of your garment.
  • It is a means of powerful cleaning.


How to use 

  • For bucket wash: Take 1.5 scoop (tablespoons) of Preeti Ultra washing powder in half bucket of water. (Approx. 5 liters and 6 garments).
  • Soak for half an hour.
  • Rinse it thoroughly.
  • For machine wash: Take three scoops (tablespoons) of Preeti Ultra washing powder. (Approx. 40 liters and 12 – 14 garments).
  • For better results soak soiled clothes for about half an hour in warm water.



1kg, 200gm


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